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Know MORE before you buy Blinds!

All blinds are NOT created equal!
Most manufacturers make several different "quality levels" of
blinds. Are you getting the highest quality blinds available?

We place our BEST price on the
highest quality custom fit
and custom made blinds from each name brand manufacturer!
You get child safety tassels, designer & custom valances,
higher quality moving parts,UV protection and a manufacturer's

Our buying process is easy! Call or email for an appointment, or
send your window measurements by email. You can be
confident that we are quoting the best quality blind to meet your
budget! We will visit your home to show you a full size sample
blind and take thorough measurements for the best fit possible.
2" & 2.5" Faux Wood Blinds - FULL CUSTOM MADE
Aria "Advanced" Faux Wood Blinds
35% OFF

2" & 2.5" Norman Faux Wood Blinds - Custom Fit Width & Height
15% OFF

Promotions valid on orders of $500 or more
Call or Email for
FREE Measure Appointment
We can also
Measure the width of the window at any point,
round UP to the nearest whole number (round up to nearest inch)

Measure the height of the window at any point,
and also round that number UP to the nearest whole number

Send Measurements to robert@cjsBlinds.com
for a quick & easy email quote
Know More Before You Buy: QUICK TIP
Custom Made or Custom Fit?
It's not always clear for customers when shopping for blinds, but there can be a HUGE difference
between blinds in different price ranges.
Custom Fit means the product was Pre-Manufactured,
then cut down to size (AKA cut-down blinds). Most shoppers know this process from shopping at Home
Stores; Blinds "off-the-shelf" are cut-down blinds and typically the lowest grade quality. They cost much
less, but it can be hard to know if you are getting quality parts & materials with a cut-down product.
Manufacturers have made big improvements to custom fit blinds. Blinds "off-the-shelf" are still
considered low-grade quality, but dealers have access to higher grade custom fit products. Ask about
our custom fit blinds and shades with up graded parts and materials.

CUSTOM MADE usually means MUCH higher quality, and the product is not manufactured or
assembled until an order is placed. Everything is sized, then "custom made" to your specifications, no
one-swoop cutting of the entire product. How do you know the difference? Start by asking, "Is this a
cut-down product?" Also, check the options available. Custom Made blinds offer more options; Fabric
Tapes, Two Blinds on One Headrail, and the ability to move or rearrange the Tilt & Lift mechanisms.
Warranties may be better, longer and offer more coverage.